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Investing in website care maintenance is important for the operations and overall security of your website. Typically, with website providers, you will have an ongoing maintenance fee included within the initial development cost, or they bill monthly for maintenance.

Maintenance plans guarantee your website receives essential care for its long-term health and security. Our team has conducted extensive research on web care costs and can offer you a comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance plan to keep your website running smoothly.

So, why should you invest in a maintenance plan for your WordPress site? Here are the top five reasons a maintenance plan can benefit your website.

1. Managed WordPress Updates, Plugins, and Improved Theme

WordPress’s foundation undergoes continuous updates to enhance functionality and security. However, updating these foundational elements without the requisite web expertise can lead to a broken website. To mitigate this risk, we thoroughly test and implement these updates, plugins and themes to ensure your operations continue to run smoothly.

2. Abandoned / Orphan Plugin Detection

Some plugin developers can stop updating their applications, which can lead to issues with WordPress updates. We locate these orphaned plugins and integrate updated alternatives.

3. Security Monitoring

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and in today’s world our information is valuable and we want to provide you and your clients a safe space for your information. We provide monitoring by using Wordfence to help protect your site from hackers. We monitor for hacking attempts, track missing files, and detect unauthorized changes, allowing us to proactively tackle any security threats. If your site has been hacked and you weren’t enrolled in a maintenance plan, we’re unable to extend this service. Understanding the benefits of ongoing maintenance plans, as outlined in your plan, can help you implement preventive measures to enhance your business’s security.

4. Cloud Backups

We securely backup your site to the cloud. In case of server issues or emergencies, we can restore your site at no additional cost. We understand that accidents and emergencies can happen, with this in mind we back up your site for you and help save you time in your business operations.

5. Speed Optimization

We conduct tests and optimizations to ensure your site loads quickly, enhancing user experience, boosting SEO rankings, and driving higher conversion rates. Users expect fast-loading websites, and a slow site can damage your brand’s reputation and increase bounce rates.

If you’re ready to enhance your WordPress website with a web maintenance package please contact me, and I can provide you with two options to choose from. Each package details what’s included and addresses any questions you may have, ensuring your website receives the care it needs.

Mike Lalli

Mike Lalli is an award-winning Web Designer in Edmonton and Toronto. He builds and maintains modern, professional websites for public figures, lawyers and businesses. He is responsible for providing clean, fresh, professional web design and front-end development to support his client’s evolving digital initiatives. Looking to create a website or logo? Mike can help!

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